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Crowd Pleaser

‘To the Roar of the Crowd’ explores the depiction of popular Roman spectator sports on everyday objects, and you can see it at Segedunum Roman Fort.

When it comes to the Romans, everyone always go a bundle for gladiator fights and chariot-races etc. Such practises were hugely popular spectator sports back in the day, drawing huge crowds with plenty of booty for the successful. And scenes from fights and races were often used for decoration around the house – on mosaics and wall-paintings, as well as on bowls, drinking glasses, knife handles and lamps. People would also wear jewellery that reflected these pursuits. This new exhibition shines a light on some of those items and examines all the roles involved in spectator sports, from those who organised the events to the participants in the spectacle. GM

To the Roar of the Crowd, until 29 October, Segedunum Roman Fort, Wallsend,