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Them's the Breaks

Breakin’ Convention, the world’s greatest celebration of hip-hop dance theatre, is back at The Customs House in June. Jaws will drop.

Hosted and curated by UK hip-hop legend Jonzi D, this event is never less than thrilling, but for this twentieth anniversary show they’ve really went to town. Hip-hop crews from across the UK will be joined by showstopping international acts for this celebration, which will also feature DJs, graffiti artists and freestyle sessions taking place all over the building. From the Netherlands are Ghetto Funk Collective (pictured) who will be paying homage to funk’s rich cultural heritage while infusing it with a fresh, modern sensibility. Also from the Netherlands is the sensational Yvonne Smink who will be bringing her highly original, hip-hop infused take on the art of pole dancing to the stage. South Korea’s MOVER, meanwhile, will perform ‘Merry-Go-Round’ – a piece referencing a DJ technique. UK acts appearing will include Dance JAM, Dimensions Dance, Ground Breakers, Ruff Diamond and Vitamin Noir. If you’ve yet to experience a Breakin’ Convention event then dig out your best Adidas shell toes – this one’s gonna fly. RM

Breakin’ Convention, Wednesday 7 June, The Customs House, South Shields, 7.30pm, from £12.50, customshouse.co.uk