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Far From Home at Dance City

Dance is ultimately a way of expressing the voices of others without ever speaking a word. Twin sisters and founders of Alleyne Dance, Kristina and Sadé Alleyne do just that in their production Far From Home, by revealing the voices of migrants and refugees that are so often censored by the sensationalist news coverage of today. Through a diverse blend of contemporary to hip hop dance from around the world, expressive choreography and mesmerising stage and lighting design, Far From Home shines a beautiful and devastating light on the lives of those that are forced to sacrifice their homes for safety. The use of rope as a continuous prop was incredibly successful in conveying the desperation all humans have to protect the people they love and was just as hypnotising to watch as it was emotional to see the dancers pushing and pulling, loving and losing. The show makes sure it weaves a patchwork of culture and identity, even casting dancers of all ages and identities from the local community. The result was not only a sensory treat, but an emotional unveiling of the voices that have remained silent for so long.

Imogen Mole