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Lying Tonight

Degna Stone is one of the most exciting writers working in the north-east and their new work ‘The Lies’ is premiering at Alphabetti Theatre this May.

Leah is a bad mother. That’s what she believes, anyway. But now the kids are all grown up, Leah is trying to find a way out of the web of little white lies she’s been telling them since they were small. The Easter Bunny, Santa and the Tooth Fairy can’t shield them from the dark realities of life. So were these harmless lies about mythical beings ever really about preserving the magic of childhood? Or was it always just a form of control? Language shifts and meanings change all the time. From those little white lies to the great big whoppers we tell ourselves about who we are as a nation, we’re all liars and anyone who says otherwise is lying to you…

The Lies, Tuesday 23 May-Saturday 10 June, Alphabetti Theatre, 7.30pm (+ Sat mats 1pm), pay what you feel 23-27 May, £3-£15 30 May-10 June, alphabettitheatre.co.uk