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Panic Shack at The Cluny

Selling out Cluny 2 off the back of one EP and a reputation for raucous live shows, Cardiff four-piece Panic Shack shook things up on a miraculously sunny Good Friday night. First onstage though, Sunderland's bigfatbig were a reliably brilliant opener with their pop punk hooks and high energy tunes, confronting nepotism and misogyny in the process.

Panic Shack prove to the packed crowd that they deserve the buzz, as they raced through their catchy punk tunes with a gleeful smile. Fan (and radio) favourite The Ick, a takedown of modern dating culture, is biting with grungy bass while being laugh-out-loud funny, while an unreleased track sprinkled with a bit of a Rage Against The Machine cover sets the tone perfectly.

With topics bouncing from hangovers to Jiu Jitsu to the dire state of this country, their short and punchy tunes are hilarious, wild, and riff-heavy. Set highlight ‘Meal Deal’, an ode to the ritual of a lunchtime Tesco trip ‘cos that’s the only thing you can afford, oozes a ferocity live that a record just can’t capture.

Complete with high kicks and synchronised dance moves, Panic Shack are experts at finding joy amidst a powerful rage at the state of our world. Their set flew by, ending with a jubilant cover of ‘Gay Bar’, and leaving us properly hyped up for the long weekend ahead.

Leonie Bellini