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Esprit D'Air at The Cluny

Esprit D'Air rocked the Cluny quite literally to its core tonight. After making storms in the uk charts last year with their latest album Oceans and selling out the Cluny during their last tour it’s safe to say I was already pretty excited for the show before it even began.

Opening the night to yet another sold out gig, the band Diamond Black took to the stage. Fronted by the ever-enigmatic Ben Christo of The Sisters of Mercy; his stage presence is unrivalled with his control over the crowd coming naturally throughout a lively and energetic set that left the crowd begging for more.

Throughout the show lead singer kai stunned with their impeccable vocal range and talent for songwriting. Each song was beautiful lyrically and sang in both English and Japanese with full reverence to the bands Japanese heritage. With their strong and powerful messages, including fighting your inner demons, I can only admire the hard work and love that has so clearly been put into the birth of each song. The talent on stage was evident from the offset and even more so after a musical interval and introduction to the band where each member gave us EVERYTHING on their instruments to my excitement and awe. Joined later by Christo for the song Dead Zone for an exceptional end oh the show and his sweet words echoed the sentiment of the crowd for the band.

Tonight Esprit D’Air put their heart, soul, sweat and tears into the entire performance. And after the opportunity of speaking to both Kai and Christo after their sets I wish them all the best and look forward to seeing more of the sweetest people alive.

By Barrah T Al-Badry


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