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Documenting Atrocities

Side Gallery is hosting ‘A Wounded Landscape’, the world exhibition premiere of photographer Marc Wilson’s personal journey, bearing witness to the Holocaust.

This image – Miško street, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2019 – may look like a fairly innocuous bit of land, but it’s actually the site of the Lietūkis Garage Massacre, where more than 60 Lithuania Jews were clubbed to death in June 1941. At nearly 40,000 sites across Europe, the Nazis and their collaborators systematically murdered almost six million Jews and many people from other groups whom they considered racially inferior, or for ideological and political reasons. For six years, Marc Wilson journeyed across 130 locations in 20 countries, documenting the physical traces of the Holocaust and the stories of 22 survivors and their descendants. This exhibition combines his contemporary documentary imagery along with audio testimony.

Marc Wilson: A Wounded Landscape, until 9 April, Side Gallery, Newcastle, amber-online.com

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