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Stone Me

‘Memory?Set?In?Stone?’ is the intriguing new exhibition from Nevill Wilson that you can experience at the wonderful Bailiffgate Museum & Gallery.

Nevill Wilson: “I have been working for a few years now on the idea of bits of memory from us humans, and how it has been moderated and will be moderated by Gaia The Earth Mother. Over many centuries her tools have been wind, rain, ice and snow, sun, sea, lava and, of course, she has had a bit of help from us and quite a few other creatures… The content is, for the most part, based on local sources, like cup and ring marked stones, the old, sandstone gravestones of local fisherman and their families (mostly from Newbiggin) and teenagers’ graffiti carved into the rocks between Amble and Hauxley. The theme is moving forward in a time to a place we’ve never been before and probably never will…”

Memory?Set?In?Stone?, until 26 March, Bailiffgate Museum & Gallery, Alnwick.