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A Month+ At The Movies

Newcastle’s very own DIY cinema Star and Shadow are screening a whole bunch of LGBTQ+ films to coincide with LGBTQ+ History Month.

Star and Shadow has everything you could want this History Month, with a huge programme of films that have made history themselves including ‘Paris is Burning’, which documeted the blossoming ballroom scene; ‘The Babadook’, often considered an allegory for being an outsider in the suburban family; or ‘My Beautiful Laundrette’, starring Daniel Day-Lewis in his breakthrough role. Other parts of the programme include films that contested the laws on homosexuality and shocked nations including ‘Victim’, ‘The Watermelon Woman’ and ‘A Fantastic Woman’, the last of which helped to change government transgender legislation in Chile. With plenty of genres to choose from, and with programming continuing through until March, I urge you to try and catch as many of these fantastic queer films as you can. MW

LGBTQ+ season, 2 February-26 March, Star & Shadow, Newcastle. starandshadow.org.uk