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The Divine Experimental

This February, Cobalt Studios is the place to be if you’re looking for three wonderful composers, producers and performers versed in the art of vibrant expression and utter queerness.

Kiik Amour (pictured), Sarahsson and Peaches are making waves on the DIY experimental scene, and this February they’re bringing their kooky takes on mixing harsh gore and angelic melodies to one of Newcastle’s leading underground scenes. Punters can expect hypomanic beats and disorientating pop from Kiik Amour, mixed with the sounds of rot and vibrating latex from her latest art installation. Sarahsson, meanwhile, aims for the ‘nexus point’ in her music, where everything collides in a single moment. What’s more, she does this while exploring both femininity and her own experience with synesthesia, fusing classical music with metal, hardcore and wild electronics. For the existentialists among you, Peaches will be grappling with gory topics such as life, death and pain, by using magic, music and visual arts. This gig will be like no other, a gig for anyone who wants to lose a couple of hours in a dreamscape built by these passionate artists. MW

Kiik Amor + Sarahsson + Peaches, Friday 24 February, Cobalt Studios, Newcastle, 8pm, £8-£12, cobaltstudios.co.uk

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