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Air Guitar

Mega Japanese metal band Esprit D’Air are roaring into Newcastle this February to literally lift the roof of The Cluny (legal note: not literally).

Esprit D’Air sold out Cluny 2 last time they were in Newcastle and the people who were at that gig saw something special with the band hitting us up with the full force of their chart-topping ‘Oceans’ album. It’s a release (their second long-player) that really sees this extraordinary outfit hitting the heights with its unique clash of styles taking in metal, emo, goth, electro, djent, industrial and more. And it’s not just the good folk of Newcastle who have got behind the band. Everyone from Ben Christo of Sisters of Mercy (“I love the dramatics and cinematic quality it has, with haunting, melancholy colours swooping betwixt the cruel, relentless jaws of the machine”) to Nels Hylton of BBC Radio 1 (“Gargantuan – taking electronic sounding elements and just layering it over some of the best guitar riffs I’ve heard”) getting on board. The band knock it out of the park when they play live and I imagine this one is going to go off big style. GM

Esprit D’Air + Diamond Black, Monday 20 February, The Cluny, Newcastle, 7.30pm, £20. thecluny.com

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