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Shooting Starts

The Comet Is Coming are one of THE most exciting live acts in the UK, and their Newcastle show in early March will see them packing bangers.

London’s The Comet Is Coming represent probably the best of all crossover jazz-rock outfits, certainly over the last decade. Their thrilling sound – which also takes in funk, psychedelia, electronica and whatever else that comes to hand – has won them an army of fans, many of whom had shied away from anything jazz related in the past. The band were nominated for a Mercury for their first full-length album ‘Channel the Spirits’ in 2016, and the trio have built on that early promise with some extraordinary releases including 2022’s ‘Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam’. As the title rather hints at, it’s a release that is really out-there (where other bands fear to tread), but it’s also a release that steers clear of anything that might be termed ethereal. This is hardcore stuff – full of ravey beats and wild flights of fancy – with the band going at it full tilt. Their live shows are always amazing, but I reckon their latest tour is going to be something else again. GM

The Comet Is Coming, Wednesday 1 March, Boiler Shop, Newcastle, 7pm, £24.50. boilershop.net