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Local: Reali-T

Reali-T was born in Hackney but he’s now very much Newcastle-based and on the up and up. 

“Why try put me in a box though, especially when I ain’t dead yet.” That’s Reali-T spittin’ some truth on his sizzling new single ‘No Change’. He’s trying to resist the pigeonholes that journalists insist on putting artists in, but, hey, I don’t think he’d be too upset if he found himself on any ‘Breakout Hip-Hop’ playlists. The north-east scene – certainly as regards hip-hop – is in the ascendant, and over the last couple of years Reali-T has pushed himself to the fore. One of the most respected lyricists around he’s won much praise for his tongue-in-cheek wordplay. Indeed, when LeafDog (a UK hip-hop head-honcho, who has produced the likes of Wu-Tang Clan and KRS One) ran a competition to find the best freestyler in the UK, Reali-T came out on top. ‘No Change’ is a grime/trap-inflected track that has Reali-T bemoaning: “Some say that it’s disgraceful how I ain’t been signed to a big label…” I can only agree. He’s the real deal . DP

Seek: facebook.com/MrRealiT

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