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Local: Isabel Maria

Is County-Durham’s Isabel Maria a fresh name to look out for in 2023? I’m answering that with a hearty “Yes!”

Isabel Maria’s new single (out 3 February fact fans) is called ‘Addicted’ and I don’t think the stuff she’s addicted to is Sherbet Dib-Dabs, or even that bottle of booze she’s brandishing. She’s addicted to the one thing that strikes nearly all of us down at one time or the other: a lover, a partner, a boyfriend/a girlfriend, a whatever you want to call it. “You got me addicted, to your touch, your love, your misdemeanours, how nice you are to broken dreamers…” It’s a beautiful song about a relationship that is maybe not so beautiful. She says: “I wrote ‘Addicted’ about the unhealthy blind dependence you can develop about a person when you’re convinced you could have something special with them.” It’s the kind of thing you can imagine Taylor Swift doing when she’s getting all reflective and 3am on you. In 2021 Maria was a finalist in the 2021 UK Songwriting Contest for previous single ‘Catharsis’, which announced her early promise, but ‘Addicted’ is even better, and I reckon 2023 – with further releases due over the coming months, and live performances still to come – should be a real biggie for her. DP

Seek: linktr.ee/isa6elmaria