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Ancient Egypt has long since attracted the attention of artists and designers, and a new exhibition at the Laing Art Gallery is delving deep into this particular fascination.

When one thinks of ancient Egypt, one invariably thinks of it in highly visual terms – from the stunning geometry of the pyramids to the splendid hieroglyphics. It’s little wonder then that the era has proved such an enduring allure. ‘Ancient Egypt’ includes paintings, sculpture, photography, fashion and jewellery, and traces how processes of re-invention, appropriation and subversion have generated multiple visions of Egypt since the Roman period, with the Western fascination in the period explored side-by-side with Egypt’s own engagement with its past. Featuring work from Joshua Reynolds, Awol Erizku (that’s his ‘Nefertiti (Black Power)’ pictured), David Hockney, Sara Sallam, Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Chant Avedissian, and Chris Ofili this show promises to be a real visual feast. GM

Visions of Ancient Egypt, 28 January-29 April, Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle, laingartgallery.org.uk