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Garden of Delights

‘Valkyrie’ is coming to MIMA Garden to light up your world.

I’d not usually encourage anyone to step outside in February, but I’m going to make an exception for ‘Valkyrie’. This new light sculpture from artist Alison Smith and technologist Matt Collins will feature a thousand LEDs within a large glowing orb. What’s more this orb will create ethereal lightscapes triggered by a voice – your voice – that will send ripples of light across the highly textured floating sculpture. Named after the Viking legend associated with the Aurora Borealis, Valkyrie explores the meanings humans have attributed to these natural phenomena. Hand-crafted from recycled plastics, Valkyrie also references the energy exchange that takes place when solar winds hit the Earth’s atmosphere. Time to create your own Auroa and convert voice energy into light and colour. DP

Valkyrie, 2 February-12 March, MIMA Garden, Middlesbrough. mima.art