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Into The Valley

LA’s Death Valley Girls are a glorious melange of garage rock and psych pop that has been filtered through occultist stylings and b-movie aesthetics.

Death Valley Girls’ California doom boogie is a true joy to behold. Since releasing their debut album ‘Street Venom’ (on cassette in 2014), the outfit – founded by Hole drummer Patty Schemel – have built a loyal following in thrall to their increasingly inventive vision. Take 2020’s ‘Under the Spell of Joy’ album. It was a release that saw them moving away from their The Stooges partying with the Shangri-Las vibe, to something on a higher plane, where psych jazz meets freak punk. Sonically, they’re also dabbling in some pretty under-the-counter stuff including black and white horror movie organ drones, squealing sax, possessed girl group sing-a-longs and more. “Live freer than the freedom that you trust / Dream bigger that the things that lift you up,” the band sing on ‘Universe’ and it’s more a command than a suggestion. DP

Death Valley Girls, Thursday 2 March, Cluny 2, Newcastle, 7.30pm, £12.50 thecluny.com