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O'Hooley! Oh My!

The brilliant Belinda O’Hooley is coming to Durham this February, which gets a huge “Oh, yes!” from me.

If you know Belinda O’Hooley, it’s probably from her work with Heidi Tidow (the duo are responsible for the stirring theme tune to ‘Gentleman Jack’). But O’Hooley is a dab hand at the solo stuff, too, as evinced by her 2019 album ‘Inversions’, which is a beautiful showcase for her compositional skills. Like many folkies, she found inspiration in the music of her ancestors, but she has managed to put her own twist on it – not least by queering it up. She inverts tradition while still evoking the natural world that influenced so much of her and Tidow’s music. When you listen to her stuff, you feel genuinely transported into a serene and relaxing environment (‘Inversions’ was produced and recorded in the countryside, and that sense of nature really comes through). She’s a captivating live performer so don’t miss this chance to see her in the lovely and intimate environs of Durham’s Old Cinema Laundrette. MS

Belinda O’Hooley, Sunday 26 February, Old Cinema Laundrette, Durham, 7pm, £18, oldcinemalaunderette.uk