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Trunk at Bobiks

"A sloppy, gritty 90s vibe!” That’s how frontman Connor Noble of Trunk describes the musical direction of his awesome band who are emerging as one of Newcastle’s most exciting new outfits. I recently had the absolute pleasure of watching him and his band mates - Sam Whitman (guitar), Joe Nixon (bass) and Dylan Thompson (drums) - deliver an outstanding first headline set to a loyal crowd of alternative music fans at the brilliant Bobiks venue (upstairs in Jesmond’s iconic Punchbowl).

Brimming with the sheer confidence you would expect from a much more experienced band, the Trunk lads upped the stakes on previous performances by knocking out a mesmerising nine track, fifty minute set. The mix of soundscapes on display ranged from harsh, heavy gritty rock to more melodic and shoegaze sounds. This was accompanied by some impressive silent era suspense film footage of an almost gothic nature. The guys clearly enjoy mixing different media formats in their performance with some incredibly impressive graphics showcasing the gig itself.

Talking to the Trunk guys, it is clear that they have a particular passion for a lot of American based alternative rock bands. Connor was decked out in a Black Flag T-shirt and we later briefly chatted about the brilliant Henry Rollins. Other bands they all clearly adore are the Pixies and Guided By Voices. That raw Pixies vibe was certainly evident in some of the newer material showcased in the set, including a track called ‘Blind Stare’. This was a particular standout and is set to be released next year. Another favourite track in their canon is ‘Safe’, which is planned as their debut single. It definitely has the DNA of a classic ‘Grace’ era Jeff Buckley track: Connor’s yearning vocal leading the charge accompanied by glorious melodic guitars, and some cool dynamics from the always impressive Dylan “kicking out the jams” on the drum kit.

The chemistry between the band throughout the gig was an absolute joy to watch. They’re clearly a close knit unit and absolutely buzz off each other’s energy. All four lads are really accomplished and impressive musicians. They are absolutely the real deal and definitely a top tip as one of THE bands of 2023. Watch out for studio releases next year with an EP in the pipeline.

Supporting Trunk were two other class bands. The ace Pet Rock were first on stage. A three piece with an indie rock style that was reminiscent of early R.E.M. and classic early 90s alt rock. They were followed by wildly energetic Ceramic, whose frontman had a bit of a look of a young David Bowie. Clearly some sonic influences there too. Love their debut single, ‘Follow’.

Stephen Lovell