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thee dagger debs.png

Is this a Dagger I see before me?

Thee Dagger Debs are coming to Stockton in January, which gets a “Woo Hoo!” from me.

First up, a history lesson. It started with Laura and Letty who got together to play in the all-girl beat/garage band The Neasden Bees. Over time they mutated into Thee Jezebels. A further line-up rejig saw a new drummer added (Delia) and Thee Dagger Debs was formed and swiftly snapped up by Damaged Goods Records. That’s the boring bit. The exciting bit is the sound they make, which is a gloriously listenable racket that takes in glam, rhythm and blues, proto-punk and pub rock. Indeed, they have some of the back-to-sweaty-basics that powered the likes of Dr. Feelgood. It’s no-nonsense stuff, but raucous with it and stuffed with the kind of boppin’ vibes that’ll have you partying ‘til dawn. Leave your inhibitions at the door for this one. DP

Get Hip! featuring Thee Dagger Debs, Saturday 28 January, Georgian Theatre, Stockton, 8pm, £5 (£8 door). georgiantheatre.co.uk