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Cinderella at Theatre Royal

I think most of the main elements of the Cinderella story were ticked off during this performance. There was definitely a glass slipper, and I definitely remember some people trying it on. There was also an elegant coach that flew, rather impressively, right over the stalls. Did it turn into a pumpkin at midnight? I don’t think it did, but – to be perfectly honest – I was too busy laughing to care. But the story is the last thing that anyone goes to the Theatre Royal panto for. Mind you, and to give her her due, Oonagh Cox made for a splendid Cinders. She – along with Wayne Smith in the Prince Charming role – played it admirably straight throughout, which must have been tough considering the mayhem that was going on around them. Danny Adams, as ever, was the star of the show, keeping things moving at a breakneck pace with his slapstick routines and high gag count. And he was ably abetted by his usual cohorts Clive Webb, Chris Hayward and Mick Potts. Also along for the ride was South Shields singer Joe McElderry who had great fun in his Fairy Godfather role. Special mention too to newcomers Kylie Ann Ford and Christina Berriman Dawson as the none more Geordie step-sisters. The whole thing finished with the team’s hilarious ‘12 Days of Christmas’ routine, which left both performers and audience breathless – the performers through sheer effort, and the audience with laughter. Loved it.

Robert Meddes

Cinderella runs until 15 January 2023

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