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Blossoms at O2 City Hall

There are a small number of bands that I have loved consistently since my early teens, but Blossoms are one of them. I caught them at Leeds Festival in 2019 but I’d had one too many tinnies to actually recall the experience. So this gig had been a long time coming for me.

You can always tell how good a band is by who goes to their gigs. The place was packed full of fans so stalwart in their love for the band that I struggled to push myself very far forward (and I usually manage to worm my way to the front with a ninja-like precision - the perks of being 5’3). Blossoms have been on the go for just shy of a decade now, something I always forget because of how fresh their music always sounds. The age range of the crowd was a really mixed bag, which just goes to show the reach of their unique sound.

Tom Ogden is always one of my favourite frontmen because as well as commanding the stage with an infectious charisma, he also seems like a genuinely lovely guy, taking the time to chat to the audience in a way that created a lovely, intimate atmosphere. Despite very nearly being distracted by his wonderful hair (I really need to find out what shampoo he uses), his incredible vocals took centre stage, sounding straight out of the studio. Another highlight was keyboardist Myles Kellock; bands who rely on powerful, electronic melodies can often sound a little washed-out live, but Kellock was as much a synthy powerhouse on the stage as he is on recordings.

From fan favourites, to new music, to acoustic crooners, Blossoms treated us to the very best of their catalog at the very top of their game. They have rightfully earned their place as one of my favourite live bands, so don’t pass up a chance to catch one of their gigs.

Leanna Thomson