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Make Tracks

The Newcastle Arts Centre’s brilliant new exhibition is a family-friendly show looking at the enduring appeal of vintage toy trains and the movies.

This fascinating show examines how toy trains, and cinema, have developed, almost side by side, for more than 120 years. It will feature vintage trains and classic movies images that take in everything from Harry Potter to The Polar Express. (That cinema connection goes all the way back to celluloid pioneers the Lumiere Brothers. One of their first films showed a train arriving at a station.) There will be plenty of vintage models to see – from Hornby, Lionel Bassett Lowke, Bing and Exley – as well as a fully working model railway. And – get this! – children will be able to have a go at “driving” the trains themselves. All aboard!

Steam Dreams, 2-23 December, The Gallery at Newcastle Arts Centre. (Check out the Stream Dreams timetable, which details when the model trains will be running.) newcastle-arts-centre.co.uk