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Lambrini Girls at The Cluny

Lambrini Girls @ Cluny 13/11/22

Banishing the routine Sunday evening dread, Brighton trio Lambrini Girls treated us to a punchy, punky whirlwind of a gig at The Cluny.

Kicking things off were Mother Said, a local group stamping a jangly 80’s twist on catchy goth-rock. Parting the crowd with tambourines and shouts, the synched-up energy of the two vocalists really elevated their sound – definitely ones to watch.

Then Lambrini Girls began their mission to turn The Cluny’s small crowd into a laughing, sweaty mess. Combining raw noisy power with fierce lyrics scorning sexual harassment and anti-queer rhetoric, their energy and message is compelling. ‘Big Dick Energy’ and ‘White Van’ call out toxic masculinity and cat-calling, while ‘Boys In The Band’ addresses those complicit in abuse in the UK music scene. ‘Gay Panic’ is essentially thirty seconds of cathartic screaming with various queer audience members, and it’s a hit.

Pouring a bottle of cherry Lambrini into the mouths of the crowd, it was hard not to love their fizzy energy. Whether they were swinging from above the venue bar or criticising the violence of lad culture, Lambrini Girls fully won the crowd over with their hard-hitting tunes and riotous punk spirit.

Leonie Bellini

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