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You Beauty!

The Gala in Durham pulls out every stop going when it comes to their annual panto, and this year’s offering, ‘Sleeping Beauty’, is a real riot of fun (which is my favourite kind of riot).

Does actor Steve Byron bring real gravitas to this production? He’s playing someone called Nanny Fartoften – what do you think? The Gala’s take on ‘Sleeping Beauty’ is a full-on laughter fest with any notion of subtlety swiftly bludgeoned into submission. The plot – there is one! – sees Briar Rose about to turn 16. Trouble is, she’s set to be married to the poetry-made Prince Chad. Oh no! But she has a plan! Hooray! She’s going to escape with the help of her best friend Sammie the Dog. Mixing music, mayhem and some incredibly interesting ice cream, this is a production replete with a massive amount of fun. GM

Sleeping Beauty, 23 November-8 January, Gala, Durham, times vary, from £7.