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Kaiser Chiefs

Queues round the block tonight at city hall could only mean on thing. Kaiser Chiefs are in town and ready to give us an unforgettable night of music. With promise of The Sherlocks and The Fratellis opening tonight my little indie music loving heart was ready to explode in the queue up to the venue.

In less than 10 minutes after doors the sherlocks were on stage delivering bangers like Chasing shadows and from their newest album, World I Understand, the song Falling. Shortly following were The Fratellis in a glamorous setup complete with jazz trumpeters and choreographed backing singers. The crowd were left in hysterics after amazing performances of Flathead, Creepin Up The Backstairs, a Baccara cover of Yes Sir, I Can Boogie, which we can all agree is the quintessential feel good song, and of course fan favourite Chelsea Dagger. By the end of the set the crowd was tight and the moshes were heavy. How could the night possibly get any better? Kaiser chiefs that’s how.

Opening their set with a heavy visual introduction and a beautiful rendition of Born to be a dancer under the light of the artificial moon that shone down for the entire song from 1 of the many screens used throughout the show. As the songs changed the visuals got brighter and bolder keeping up with the energy radiating of the crowd and coming to a grandiose climax for the song Angry Mob. The crowd were screaming for 1 more song by the end of the set and the band delivered in the best way possible with Oh My God. The perfect end to an amazing night with British rock royalty.

By Barrah T Al-Badry