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Ants! Mud Mapping!

Michele Allen is showing two bodies of work at Gateshead Central Library that examine the world around us.

And those two bodies of work in full: ‘The Weight of Ants in the World’ and ‘Mud Mapping’. They were made in response to an ancient woodland in Team Valley and tidal mudflats on the Tyne in Gateshead. A series of works using photography and text invite us to consider our relationship to the natural world at a time of climate emergency and species loss. During the exhibition, the artist will be recording wildlife seen at various sites in Gateshead, which will be uploaded to online databases and unfold as an ongoing text work written on the gallery walls. The public can also get involved by bringing their own wildlife observations to the gallery to be added to the work.

The Weight of Ants in the Word and Mud Mapping, until 7 January, Downstairs Gallery, Gateshead Central Library. gateshead.gov.uk/gatesheadalive