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Hold Me Tight at Live Theatre 

The full house this Friday for opening night should really have given me an idea about how good this show would be. A truly heart warming and soul soothing coming of age tale with some of the most candid and real dialogue I’ve seen in a while. The clever use of animations throughout the show created an immersive experience letting the audience loose themselves in the story while also placing them at the centre of it as the character experience the highs, lows and life’s unexpected twists. Casting from the talented Troupe at curious monkey productions. The group of 14-21 year olds with shared experience in the care system came together to give us a beautiful tale of love and friendship - oh and prawn crisps. 

The Q&A that followed brought light to all the efforts of the last year to put this show together. It was refreshing to learn about the creative process from group monologue sessions to auditioning a writer, animation consultations and eventually making it to the stage.

Hearing from Troupe that this project has helped grow their confidence couldn’t have shown more during the performance as the group dynamic showed they were at home together on stage. There was singing, dancing and tears (not just from the cast by the end of the show). I wouldn’t expect any different from a birthday party. I hope everyone involved is very proud of their performance and I look forward to seeing more.

Barrah T Al-Badry  @B_Badry301