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Peaness at Cobalt Studios

On a rainy Saturday night, the smoky neon of Cobalt was brightened up with politically-charged DIY pop by Manchester-based three-piece Peaness (say it out loud!).

As self-confessed “massive fans” of the headliners, Sunderland’s Bigfatbig set the tone perfectly. Their high-energy pop punk, full of hooks and breakdowns, had a biting message, which tackled nepotism and misogyny. They also played the best Alanis Morrissette cover I’ve ever heard.

Continuing this mash-up of personal stories and politics, Peaness played an energetic and incredibly tight set, airing cuts from their debut album ‘World of Worry’. All smiles, they pontificated on the specific frustrations of modern life with a fearless directness, their catchy riffs and bouncy melodies very much to the fore. And their three-way harmonies sounded even slicker live than on record.

They concluded their set by affirming the importance of supporting local independent venues, such as Cobalt, and highlighting the Safe Gigs For Women stand at merch. The audience’s comfort was clearly a priority for the band, which helped us fully enjoy the set as we bopped along to their jangly, witty tunes.

Leonie Bellini