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Lazyrave at The Cluny 2

The Cluny 2 isn’t the biggest of venues, but it felt like something BIG happened at this gig. Formed in 2019, the north-east’s LAZYRAVE already have a small army of loyal fans, and Saturday’s performance showed that their fanbase (including local legend, Sam Fender, in the crowd) is growing and growing fast. The Cluny 2, filled to bursting, became a vibrating beast of shuddering basslines, ethereal synths, contemplative lyrics, and a crowd that danced euphorically from beginning to end.

There was a live VJ mixing visuals to each track (at one point, nostalgic 80s movie clips like The Goonies, Mad Max and Back to the Future were mixed with trippy neon-fuelled aerobics classes, to LAZYRAVE’s new single, ‘85’). There was an effortless spinning of a yarn by the frontman in-between songs. There was the return of original band member, Johnny Bluehat (you might recognise his signature Toon shirt and blue hat – he’s currently playing sax with Sam Fender’s band). There were blissful breakdowns followed by towering drops and anthemic sounds flooding every corner of the room.

There’s a compelling uniqueness to LAZYRAVE. They’re spearheading a new movement that stands at the crossroads of electronic and indie, and instead of choosing which path to walk, they’re planting both feet on the dance floor and deciding to have some fun instead.

This band gives the indubitable impression that they are going places. They have a high-end production value and technical set-up that feels like ‘The Chemical Brothers meets The Cluny’. A combination of effortless stage presence, with a high quality, expansive clarity of sound, creates a band that truly comes alive on stage!

I had a blast dancing joyously while also giggling at the ridiculous visuals. Will I be at the next LAZYRAVE gig? Stupid question.

Jeff Linton