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Phoebe Green looks like she’s just won a tenner on a scratch card and then been presented with her gas bill. But she needn’t look so down. She’s amazing!

Since Manchester based singer/songwriter Phoebe Green released her album ‘Lucky Me’ (back in August), I’ve nary had it off my turntable. It’s Green’s first album, but despite her tender years, she’s actually been around for a while. In fact, she first hovered onto my radar back in 2016 when she was still doing her A-Levels. It was then that she began releasing indie dunked guitar tracks, which showed immense promise but maybe lacked a bit of oomph. Over the last few years however she’s really honed her – can I say “craft” – and ‘Lucky Me’ is the result. It’s an album that sees her letting some distinctly arty-alt-pop vibes flood through her sound as she tackles tales of dating, heartache, and more. Wielding chattering electro-beats, synthy ethereal vibes, a bit of shoegaze, a bit of hip-hop, and a grab-bag of other cool stuff, it’s a release that keeps on giving. Her long awaited tour is now in the offing and – praise be! – she’s heading to Newcastle. Get on board. DP

Phoebe Green, Monday 28 November, The Cluny, Newcastle, 7.30pm, £11.50. thecluny.com

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