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Let's Eat Grandma at The Cluny

Let’s Eat Grandma at Cluny 13/10/22

Delighting a sold-out Cluny with the most bubbly live show I’ve seen all year, Norwich duo Let’s Eat Grandma bless us with their self-described “experimental sludge pop”.

Before the dancing begins, a stripped-back set from Fake Laugh brings sweetly introspective indie to a gradually filling crowd. Then, parading onto the stage in glittery velvet and rainbow lights, the musical mischief of Let’s Eat Grandma gets underway. The first half of their set is pure euphoria; opener ‘Happy New Year’ is a jubilant slice of disco with (literal) fireworks, while ‘Hot Pink’s industrial hyperpop showcases the band’s genre-defying evolution. It's captivating watching the life-long best friends’ dynamic play out in real time, as they pass lead vocals back-and-forth with ease, breaking into the macarena and childhood clapping games with constant playfulness.

But underlying all this bounciness is a bittersweet emotional weight. The droning bass of ‘Deep Six Textbook’ shakes the room, matching the ache of the growing pains it describes. With soaring harmonies amplified by the addition of a live drummer and bassist, cuts from recent album ‘Two Ribbons’ sharply recount the devastation of grief.

Barely pausing for chants of ‘one more tune’, the band bound back for an encore of fan-favourite ‘Donnie Darko’s eleven minutes of jam-style brilliance. They flit gleefully between saxophone, xylophone, and the first ever live recorder I’ve seen outside of a primary school, at one point entering the audience to twirl and dance with us. It rounds off a truly joyful gig, an energetic reminder of why Let’s Eat Grandma continue to be one of the most exciting bands in pop.

Leonie Bellini