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We're Doomed

Dripping with sarcasm, self-deprecation and satire, Daniel Howell’s soul-searching dark comedy is just the job for anyone who feels like the end of the world is nigh.

As a huge fan of Daniel Howell’s YouTube stuff – from the funny skits and lighthearted duo of Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil, through to his emotional coming-out and his move towards a more personal and nihilistic attitude about the world’s problems – I’m sure his new stuff will be right up my street. And if you like incredibly dry humour, and have a little bit of rage towards the UK’s crises that we’re going through at the moment, I’m sure you will too. Take a seat, have a laugh and watch him pull together some hope for humanity with his own intimate anecdotes, and join a community of stressed, depressed and a little bit queer folk who take comfort in his deepest fears and desires. MW

Daniel Howell, Sunday 25 September, O2 City Hall, Newcastle, 6.30pm, £32.20+. academymusicgroup.com

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