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Public Service Announcement

Public Service Broadcasting are playing Sunderland in early October. So now you know.

When Public Service Broadcasting first caught my ear – back in 2013 with their debut album ‘Inform – Educate – Entertain’ – I thought they were great. I loved how they combined archival samples from the British Film Institute (detailing stuff like the flight of Spitfires, and Edmund Hilary reaching the summit of Everest) with propulsive and anthemic beats. But I wondered if they might just be one-trick ponies. I needn’t have worried. They followed their debut with ‘The Race For Space’, which used similar samples and beats to explore the US’ and USSR’s attempts to get to the moon. Then followed ‘Every Valley’ – a moving exploration of community via and rise and fall of the British coal industry – and last year’s ‘Bright Magic’, which took its inspiration from the city of Berlin. This album combined the band’s trademark swelling electronica with surging guitars for an impressionist take on one of Europe’s most romanticised capitals. They’re fab live and I imagine they’ll be pulling out every stop going when they play Sunderland in early October. GM

Public Service Broadcasting, Monday 3 October, Fire Station, Sunderland, 7.30pm, £35.75. sunderlandculture.org.uk/our-venues/the-fire-station

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