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They Could Have Been Anything…

…that they wanted to be. Yep, that’s me saying ‘Bugsy Malone: The Musical’ is coming to the Theatre Royal.

‘Bugsy Malone’ – the 1976 film version – was probably my favourite film when I was a child. And why wouldn’t it be! A city full of mobsters, dancers and dreamers – all played by kids. And then there was those splurge guns and pedal cars – bliss! I even liked the songs – scratch that – I LOVED the songs and they’re all present and correct in this stage version including My Name is Tallulah, You Give A Little Love, and Fat Sam’s Grand Slam. The story remains the same. Dandy Dan and Fat Sam are vying for supremacy while Bugsy Malone is slapped right in the middle. This acclaimed production finishes, just like the film, on one of the most joyous numbers in musical theatre. Can’t wait. DP

Bugsy Malone: The Musical, 16-21 August, Theatre Royal, Newcastle, 7pm (not sun – mats. Thurs, Sat & Sun 2pm), from £15. theatreroyal.co.uk