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A Virtuoso Approaches

Snake Davis is one of the most in-demand rock, soul and jazz sax players in the world (IN THE WORLD!) and he, and his band, are coming to Middlesbrough in early September.

When it comes to sax appeal, Snake Davis has just got it. He has played and recorded with all the biggies including James Brown (who knew a thing or two about a funkin’ sax), Paul McCartney, Tina Turner and Amy Winehouse, and also contributed solos for the likes of Lisa Stanfield (‘Change’) and M-People (‘Search For A Hero’ and ‘Moving On Up’). He has also performed at some of the biggest arenas and stadiums in the world, but his greatest love is playing more intimate venues where he can really connect with an audience. And he’s sure to do just that when he visits Middlesbrough’s Town Hall with his four-piece band this September. He’ll be hitting us up with soul, pop and jazz hits and classic sax pieces from the likes of ‘Baker Street’ and ‘Night Train’. He’ll also be exercising his vocal chords, as well as bringing along flutes, whistles and the ancient Japanese wind instrument the shakuhachi, for a night of pure, crowd-pleasing entertainment. I’m in! GM

Snake Davis, Thursday 1 September, Middlesbrough Town Hall, 7.30pm, £16.50. middlesbroughtownhall.co.uk