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Country’s Hottest New Star?

Joshua Ray Walker has set tongues a-clacking among the country set, and you can see what all the fuss is about when he plays the Gosforth Civic Theatre in August.

A native of Dallas, Texas, Joshua Ray Walker was a virtual unknown three years ago, but when he released his debut album ‘Wish You Were Here’ in 2019, people started to sit up and take notice. He followed that with two albums that comprise a loose trilogy, which include ‘Glad You Made It’ and last year’s ‘See You Next Time’. Those last two releases were real break-out hits and led to appearances on the likes of the revered The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as well as glowing reviews in Rolling Stone magazine who frothed: “Country’s most fascinating young songwriter is a baby-face, 6XL guitar hero with a Dwight Yoakham voice.” He’s not re-inventing any wheels, but what he does do is put over his tales of barflies and wannabe cowboys, bleary-eyed dreamers and hopelessly lost souls, in such a warm-hearted way you can’t help but be pulled into his world. Join him on his eagerly awaited first UK tour. GM

Joshua Ray Walker + support, Monday 29 August, Gosforth Civic Theatre, Newcastle, 8pm, £14. 


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