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Shadowy Pursuits

Paul Foster’s landscapes take in the mesh of shadows that other painters often overlook. You can see his latest work at the Art Centre in Washington. Landscapes don’t have to include a nice view of some hills with maybe a couple of fleecy clouds passing by. A feeling, a vibe if you will, can be captured by looking down at the ground and noting the shadowy forms that have been thrown across, say, a country path by a river. Since his retirement in 2015, Paul Foster has dedicated himself to painting full time. He likes to depict mostly landscapes, both locally and further afield, but he often looks for unusual views that make us think about our surroundings in a completely new way. He is fascinated by shadows and they often give depth, and, yes, beauty to the world around us. Wordsworth had his daffodils but Foster has his shadows, and who is to say that one is more pleasant to look at than the other. DP

Paul Foster: Chasing Shadows, until 20 August, Arts Centre, Washington.