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It's Started!

There’s a region-wide programme of cultural events taking place across the region this year – celebrating the fact that the Lindisfarne Gospels are coming to the Laing Art Gallery – and one of the most compelling is ‘Still Point’ in Berwick.

‘Still Point’ is a video installation by Suki Chan that engages with sacred spaces and places of pilgrimage, transporting audiences from the site of the humble wooden structures offering refuge along Pilgrim’s Way to Holy Island, as well as contested sacred sites in Jerusalem, and the interior spaces of abandoned Syrian villages in the Golan Heights. The piece evokes the tension that marks these locations as places of refuge and spiritual quest – and as materially contested sites. The shifting allegiances and visual clues left behind are physically embodied in the locations Chan chose to film.

Still Point: Suki Chan, until 4 September, Gymnasium Gallery, Maltings Berwick (Wed-Sun, 11am-4pm). 


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