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The End of the f***ing World

Matt Reed is one of the region’s finest stand-ups and his latest show ‘Ha-Harmageddon’ sees him pontificating about a world teetering on the brink, and the steps he going to take to safeguard his future.

Back in the 1980s the government regularly bombard the populace with sound advice about surviving a nuclear attack (which basically amounted to shutting all your windows), but any self-respecting survivalist would have a bunker to escape to – stocked with canned food and a few dog-eared Maeve Binchys. You don’t hear too much about bunkers these days but, because of all the unrest in the world, Matt Reed is determined to bring them back. He’s going to sit out the forthcoming apocalypse in a palatial bunker – but he wants your help. He needs suggestions for the bunker and you’ll also get to state your case as to why you should be allowed in. Matt – being grand overload and leader of this new way (not a cult) – will decide if you’re worthy. The popular comedian is renowned for his audience interaction, and this show is designed to let him really spread his wings. Catch it today because there may not be a tomorrow. JL

Ha-Harmageddon: Matt Reed, Sunday 4 September, The Stand, Newcastle, 7pm, £10.