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History in the Making

Horrible Histories is coming to Durham! Live on stage! You should be all over this.

When people talk about the golden age of children’s TV, they usually bandy around names such as ‘Bagpuss’ and ‘Blue Peter’. But when we’re talking about the classics these days you simply have to mention ‘Horrible Histories’. This innovative show managed to pull off the rare trick of being instructive while also being enormous fun, and kids (and adults) soon feel under its spell. This live version tackles those Terrible Tudors and audiences will be regaled with all the legends (and lies) behind Henry, Elizabeth, and the rest. Find out the fate of Henry’s headless wives; survive an attack from the Spanish Armada; see Edward fall dead in his bed; and find out just how bloody Bloody Mary was. DP

Horrible Histories, Wednesday 10 & Thursday 11 August, Gala Theatre, Durham, 2pm & 4.30pm (Wed) and 11am & 2pm (Thurs), from £14. galadurham.co.uk

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