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Lily Senner 'Lockdown walls' marker pen on paper , 59.4 x 82cm .jpg

Heaven or Hell?

Constantly slipping between utopia and dystopia – that’s Lily Senner – and you can see her latest work at Gallagher & Turner in Newcastle.

I love the amount of tension that Lily Senner manages to get into her landscapes. And with her bold, synthetic colour palette, she conjures up a real ambiguity in her work that renders them fantastical – but are they also a bit much? A bit sickly sweet, perhaps? Her latest show brings together drawings and painting that were created during the pandemic, with the imagery largely inspired by her solo walks around Newcastle during lockdown, including sojourns through Jesmond Dene, Heaton Park and over the Town Moor. There’s certainly plenty of joy to be found in these works but they also reflect that uncertain, unpredictable period that we all had to go through. JL

Heaven on Earth: Lily Senner, 15 July-13 August, Gallagher & Turner, Newcastle.