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Staging Rubbish

Hazel Monaghan’s ‘This Show Is Rubbish’ is all about eco-concerns, but it’s done in a fun, non-preachy way. It’s having its world premiere at Alphabetti Theatre in July.

At the heart of ‘This Show Is Rubbish’ is Wave (yep – Wave is her name). She’s got a bucket, a plan and a secret. But it’ll take a displaced toy, a delusional community support office, and a beachful of surprises to discover it. This brand new production was penned by Hazel Monaghan – a graduate of Oxford University’s Writing Drama course and Nottingham Playhouse Playwrights Playground – and is musical adventure about a mother and daughter and how the things that divide them could also be what unites them. Featuring new music, innovative puppetry and original storytelling, it will give children (ages around 3-8), and their grown-ups, a new way of protecting the world around them – not through obligation, but through imagination.

This Show Is Rubbish, 28 July-13 August, Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle, 1pm, Pay What You Feel (booking essential). alphabettitheatre.co.uk