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Queer Creative Challenge

Queer? Creative? And ready for a challenge? Queer Creative Challenge is back!

LGBTQIA+ and gender non-conforming 11-25 year olds are invited to three days of free workshops asking you to challenge yourself and learn new things. Day one takes you back to your roots into the great outdoors at Birkheads Wild, to develop your forestry and creative writing skills and to talk all things queer and sustainable. In day two, Live Theatre explores the ways in which LGBTQIA+ experiences can be expressed artistically. And if that wasn’t enough, Sage Gateshead invites you to write your very own queer anthem, master a rap or perfect a poem with Youth Music. If this is a challenge that you choose to accept, join Curious Arts for one, two or all three days. You can also showcase your work at their celebration event as part of Live Theatre’s ‘Make Hope Possible Weekend’, looking to make the world better, brighter and kinder. Meet like-minded people and express your hopes for the years to come because, as their theme states, ‘The Future is Queer’! CJ

Day 1: Birkheads Wild, Gateshead. Part of Wild & Curious, Saturday 28 May; Day 2: Live Theatre, Newcastle. Monday 30 May; Day 3: Sage Gateshead. Supported by Youth Music Wednesday 1 June. Live Theatre is Curious: The Future is Queer on Sunday 3 July.