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Local: Shannon Pearl

Hailing from Sunderland, Shannon Pearl is the kind of folk artist that has been dunked in a huge vat of ‘The Real Deal’. She’s amazing.

I first became aware of Shannon Pearl’s talent when I heard her astonishing ‘Caves’ EP, which was released in 2020. It featured a clutch of traditional folk songs (of England, Scotland and Scandinavia) but her rendition of them was raw – sung a cappella – and lifted by the fact she sang them in sundry caves and caverns in the Lake District, which lent them a potent reverb quality. For her latest release, she’s clambered out of the earth, but has still retained a focus on the world around us. ‘Halcyon’ focuses on the climate emergency, and was recorded with traditional instruments (strings, piano etc), but Pearl still finds room to add texture with some field recordings. Of course, all this would be by the by if she couldn’t pen a decent tune, but this is beautiful and ethereal and infused with Celtic leanings. It’s the first official single in a string of works based on her experiences in nature, and it’s going to interesting to hear what she does next. DP

Follow Shannon Pearl on Instagram for regular updates: @shannoninthewild