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Art Editorial

national-glass-centre.jpg Glass! Make some!

Not only is the National Glass Centre showing the best glassware in the UK, they’re also showing you HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN! Imagine!

Have you ever longed to point to a particularly avant-garde paperweight on your desk, which boldly plays with light, texture and decorative air bubbles, and exclaim: “Yeah, I did make it actually”? WELL, NOW’S YOUR CHANCE! The National Glass Centre have recently undergone a massive, and rather glorious, refurbishment but their Glass Making Experiences are still very much part of What They Do. Their classes let you sculpt apples from molten glass, make baubles, jewellery and all manner of other stuff, with all skill sets catered for, from absolute beginners to the more advanced. Check out their website for full details of everything you can get involved with and get creative.

National Glass Centre, Sunderland.