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Lubna Chowdhary’s work is absolutely fizzing with invention but hard to pigeonhole. Maybe that’s why we love it so much.

Lubna Chowdhar was born in Tanzania to Indian parents. Later she would move to the north of England and then study ceramics at the Royal College of Art in the late 1990s under the tutelage of Eduardo Paolozzi (can I detect elements of Paolozzi’s stuff in her work – I think I can…). Her latest show is entitled ‘Erratics’, which, apparently, is the geological term for large rocks or boulders, which are displaced from their original location through glacial flows and carried hundreds of miles across the landscape to settle in an alien context. Her work has something of that in it, in that she takes references from both East and West and puts them in entirely new contexts. The results are a true visual feast. DP

Erratics, 23 June-10 October, MIMA, Middlesbrough.