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The Wholes Truth

Workplace Gallery are showing ‘Parts of Wholes’ a fascinating multi-media exhibition from Leeds based artist Karanjit Panesar. If you’re hankering for an artist willing to explore ideas of authenticity and agency – subject to capitalism – who also likes to explore the relationship between memory, fiction and reality then it’s high time you got some Karanjit Panesar in your life. Panesar’s latest exhibition focuses on his recent film ‘Actor, Container’, which uses a narrative device called a ‘strange loop’. These are structures, either narrative or philosophical, that lead the viewer through nested ontological levels, eventually arriving at the starting point. In fiction, these loops are often found in stories of time travel, typically resulting in a narrative paradox. Alongside this are drawings, sculpture and a 3D render that all imply a sense of continuation beyond the frame. JL

Karanjit Panesar: Parts of Wholes, until 9 July, Workplace Foundation, Newcastle. 


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