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Music Editorial

oneshotprogress.jpg One Shot Progress

they’re a three-piece; and if you’re hankering for that line-up in full, cop for: Adam Cook (guitar/vocals), Mike Donnison (drums) and Micky Early (bass/vocals). They’ve reached finals of both regional and national Battle Of The Bands type competitions and it’s easy to see why the judges would be forced to sagely stroke their chins while remarking: “Hey! This band really know how to bring the big guns out!”

The drummer is full-on but displays a real deftness of touch, while the concise basslines are the jam which holds everything together nicely. And they have a pulsating passion which super-charges their songs, even when they move down through the gears. So if you like your rock served up with intelligence, to go along with the sonic assault, then do give them the once over. DP

Seek: www.facebook.com/oneshotprogress