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Bet You'll Love This...

‘Gamble’ at Northern Stage is a bittersweet multimedia show about gambling addiction and its pernicious effects.

I once won fifty quid on roulette, and, honest to god, you could have seen my beaming face from space. I spent the next week trying to work out a foolproof method that would let me earn a living leaning across that sweet green baize. Hannah Walker is another who sees the attraction. She used to think gambling was monthly bingo in the village, but when she moved to the bright lights of Newcastle, she discovered casinos. And then she discovered online gambling. ‘Gamble’ takes a glittering peek into the often murky world of gambling and challenges stereotypes attached to compulsive gamblers though a personal narrative. It is informed by interviews with industry experts, health professionals, people in recovery and their loved ones. Informative, eye-opening and supremely entertaining, buy a ticket for this one and you definitely can’t lose. JL

Gamble, 19-21 May, Northern Stage, Newcastle, 7pm, from £10. northernstage.co.uk